How it works

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Step 1

Create a Payment Plan.

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Step 2

Pay your first instalment. Get approved.

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Step 3

Pay the remaining balance over 8 Weeks.

Does your clinic offer MoneyLoop as an easier payment option? If not, we'd love to hear
from you and get your clinic on board.

What people have to say about us

Moneyloop enabled me to access top quality medical care when it was most needed. I was in severe pain and needed urgent treatment but I was also facing significant out-of-pocket expenses. Moneyloop stepped in and paid for my treatment up-front; all I have to do is repay them in 5 easy to manage interest free instalments. - Samantha Coras
MoneyLoop was easy to use from the very start. I got an immediate response from the team and the process was seamless. Because MoneyLoop is easy to use and transparent, I am no longer concerned about the expense of seeing my specialist. I'm so glad I heard about MoneyLoop! - Mel Hurwitz

Frequently Asked Questions

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